Thursday, September 10, 2009

NO to Nuclear. Go Green. Election Day: September 21st, 2009

The Regina Douglas Park and Saskatoon Riversdale provincial by-elections have been called for September 21st, earlier than expected to ensure they are completed before a possible fall federal election. The Green Party of Saskatchewan has excellent candidates nominated in both ridings: Victor Becker Lau in Regina Douglas Park and Tobi-Dawne Smith in Saskatoon Riversdale.

Both candidates are advocating for a Guaranteed Livable Income. If the Government of Saskatchewan can propose spending billions on nuclear, the time has definitely come to eliminate poverty in Saskatchewan. With the release of Dan Perrins report on the UDP public consultations delayed until September 14th and the public release expected a few weeks following that date, this is the perfect time for voters in Regina Douglas Park to deliver a loud message to the Government of Saskatchewan: No to nuclear. Go with Green.
To read the full written report of the Green Party of Saskatchewan's UDP Stakeholder presentation presented in Regina on June 23rd please visit
We need Green MLAs in government now! It’s time to make it happen.

We need your help:

Donate! $5, 10, $25…$500, whatever you can. Every bit counts! We need to raise funds in order to elect our first Green MLAs!
With your donation, we can reach every voter through flyer drops, canvassing, lawn signs, and promotional materials.
We are currently in need of volunteers in Regina and Saskatoon (and surrounding areas) for flyer drops, canvassing with the candidates, delivering/putting up lawn signs, and more.
We are also looking to fill the position of Volunteer Coordinator in both ridings, and we are in need of volunteers who are skilled at fundraising.
Additionally, we are in looking for volunteers, regardless of location, for the following important tasks that can be done from any location (e-mail/internet access required):
- Online Social Networking (assisting with facebook, twitter, flicker, etc.)
- Blogging
- Research
- Web Design /Web Mastering

All volunteers will receive Green Party of Saskatchewan t-shirts in the final week of the campaign to show our appreciation.

Now is the time to Vote Green.
Please make a donation or volunteer to help us elect our first Green MLAs!

To make a donation to either by-election campaign, send cheque or money order payable to the Green Party of Saskatchewan to 2138 McIntyre St. Regina, SK, S4P 2R7

To request a lawn sign or to volunteer, contact: Victor Becker Lau, Candidate for Regina Douglas Park, at Or

Larissa Shasko, Campaign Manager & Leader of the Saskatchewan Greens, at

It’s time to do something about it. With your help, we can!

E-day Sept. 21st!

-- Vote for the Change You Want to See in the World. --

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